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Straight out of highschool, I started working in 1994 at Czar Filmcompany as a production assistant. At their old location on the Keizersgracht, I met many people who inspired me to go on and work in filmbusiness. After seeing so many different professions on set, my main interest became working with camera's.

Working as clapper/loader for a short while, I then started out as focus puller. Combining this in the late '90's with operating Steadicam, making my trade as a camera assistant more  versatile.

Even in 2010, Corrino Films used this to have a multifunctional element in their camera team to shoot " The Devil's Double".


Nowdays I am still expanding my work  experience with different skills like Steadicam, normal or remote camera operating, aerial and underwater photography. I think there are still so many challenges, so many beautiful stories to tell, and still so many things to shoot...

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Michael Monteiro


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